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KERVAN ARMS Since 1993, when we started production, we have always given importance to ensuring that our products are suitable for our customers. We always used to eliminate the grievances of our customers due to our products / we did everything to eliminate them. We have always tried to keep our product range wide by adding new products in each of our progress.

At the point we have reached now, we continue our production in the fastest and most reliable way with our 6000 m2 production area and our machines that are sufficient for our own production. We will continue to improve our products and reach more customers with new products. We are also open to all your suggestions and suggestions in this progress.

Our shotguns have the most extensive line of sporting firearms in the industry today. We offer a full line featuring over-under, pump-action, semi-automatic, single barrel, magazine-fed shotguns, airgun, and blank pistols. Our manufacturing line brings today’s modern technologies along with the best hand craftsmanship together processing the finest materials in order to produce our shotgun. Before these guns ever leaves our loading dock all of them are checked and tested to meet our high quality and safety standards.

Offering a great product is one thing, but knowing that you can rely on the company after the sale is another. We ensure that we are taking care of our customers for any type of information or service they require. Rest assured that if you misplace an instruction manual or you are unsure about how to perform any step in loading, shooting, or maintaining your “Kervan Arms” we will always be there to help you.

Thank you to all our customers who brought us to this point.

our history


Hunting Equipment and Barrel Production. We started to produce barrels and some parts of the shotgun. Generally, forend and stock for semi-auto and over-under models


Blank pistol production started. After we get enough information about shotguns, we had wanted to produce our own product and we saw foreign market needs then we decided to produce blank pistols.


Shotgun Production Started. After a few years of production of the blank pistol, we got stable markets, and based on our customer wants, we started to produce shotguns.


Pre-Charged Pneumatic Air Rifle Production Started. We produced the first prototype of the PCP-type Air rifle, which we have been trying to develop in the project phase since 2016. Until the middle of 2019, we made the development and production of different models.

our BRAND.


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